Our Team's Top TIPS and PICKS for Winter

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As we welcome in winter it’s timely to pass on our Team’s favourite TIPS and PICKS for winter care.

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“My favourite product is Hydrating Cream Mask. In winter time my skin gets really dry so I use Hydrating Cream Mask as my daily moisturiser, with a drop of Clarifying Day Oil

I use Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence and Epsom salts in my bath and after bathing I apply Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil all over, then into my pjs and straight to bed. I sleep like a baby!”

Josie, Account Manager VIC & SA


My winter favourites are:

1. Lip Gloss 03 blackberry is like my natural lip colour, but better. It brightens me up on a cold and wintery day and provides more than colour, because it also hydrates and protects my lips at the same time. 

2. I mix a little Revitalising Mask  with 1 drop of Clarifying Day Oil and use that blend as my day cream. This is the best secret I have ever been told. If you haven't tried it you must for a skin condition like mine, combination skin with oily T-zone and prone to pimples.

3.  Volume Mascara 03 plum is my favourite mascara. It thickens and lengthens and adds more definition to my eyes. I prefer plum over black, for something a little different, it’s still dark, however, it enhances the colour of my eyes more than black.  

Liz, Customer Service & eCommerce

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My Favourite Winter 'go to’ products! I love to end my day with a little Moor Lavender Bath Essence in my basin water using the Compress Cloth on my face and taking 3 long deep breaths, enjoying the calming effect it gives me prior to cleansing. The natural oils leaves my skin soft and moisturised.

Another winter trick is to soak my feet in Spruce Warming Bath Essence and warm water, absolute bliss after a long day, standing on my feet. This also has a calming effect while moisturising my skin. 

I use the Regenerating Intensive Treatment over a 28 day and night period, instead of Toner and Serum. I do one treatment in each season of the year so it’s time for my winter treatment now. This treatment is great for my mature skin as a boost morning and night. I feel it supports my skin to balance any dryness and minimises fine lines.

Nicky, Account Manager QLD

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In the winter time I feel a bit sluggish and feel like hibernating.  At night when I have time I will have a bath with Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Bath Essence.  This bath smells fabulous and is fantastic for cellulite! My skin feels like silk!  Just make sure you don't bathe too late in the evening as the lemon lemongrass may be too stimulating and keep you awake.  In the morning, I use Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash or Shower Cream to help wake me up in the morning as the scent is so invigorating and uplifting. This body wash makes my skin feel soft and clean and firm.  I also want to keep that same fresh feeling after my shower so I use the Blackthorn Toning Body Oil as it feels firming, energising and helps to keep my skin silky and hydrated.  I especially find this firming trio helpful if I have overindulged over the weekend...wink wink!

I keep Regenerating Hand Cream in my car as I am driving to and from appointments all day long. I find air dryers in bathrooms wreak havoc with my skin, especially during winter. So it’s Regenerating Hand Cream to the rescue - it’s reparative, and deeply hydrating and smells so good. I wish it were in a bigger size so I could use it head to toe! 

 Melanie, Esthetician Trainer & Manager | Account Manager NSW & ACT

Translucent Bronzing Tint. This product won me over from my very first application. 


  • light texture 

  • versatile 

  • smells so good 

  • because you can fake that holiday glow all year

How to.... 

  • add to your day cream 

  • add to your foundation

  • for contouring 

  • by itself for those no makeup days, just remember to moisturise first 

For the best application use finger tips or a blending brush. So versatile it can be used on your face and body. Add some to your body moisturiser apply to your décolletage, shoulders, even your legs and arms to create a hydrated sun kissed look. Don’t be fooled by the colour in the bottle the formula is sheer and harmonises with your natural skin tone. Translucent Bronzing Tint is light reflective and shimmer free for radiant healthy skin. 
So go on try it!

Tania, Account Manager NSW & Northern NSW 

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I find with the cooler weather my hands, feet, lips and scalp tend to show signs of imbalance/dryness first. 

The two points in the day where I make time for some extra nourishing care is just before outside exposure and just before bed. 

For my hands: If I feel i need a little more than than my usual Hydrating Hand Cream I give it a boost by including a small amount of Revitalising Mask.

For my feet: Hydrating Foot Cream of course! Especially before bed and then socks straight on after!

For my lips: Lip Balm as an intensive treatment and always have my Lip Care Stick in my handbag, as its extra waxy texture creates a barrier for the outdoors. 

For my scalp: Revitalising Hair & Scalp Tonic is my saviour here, I use after every wash massaging in well. It instantly balances any imbalances that usually show up with the change of weather. Also I find that my long hair becomes a little dry and the static at this time of year with ends getting frizzy and tangled. I find Strengthening Hair Treatment nourishes the ends and prevents frizz and static, once a week I massage the Strengthening Hair Treatment into my scalp as a seasonal intensive treatment.

Kylie-Ann at our concept store Discovery Centre Rozelle

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My favourite treatment TIP in winter is to Cleanse and Tone early in the evening, then apply one pump of Regenerating Serum, then Hydrating Cream Mask over the Serum, and allow the blend to deeply absorb all evening, removing with a tepid organic cotton cloth just prior to bedtime. My skin in the morning is plump and silky-soft! I also do a Revitalising Mask on another evening of the week, my skin just loves this mask.

I use Regenerating Serum, Regenerating Day Cream or Regenerating Day Cream Complexion during the week, however, my skin needs more winter protection in the weekend because I’m outdoors more, so I switch to Rose Day Cream mixed with a couple of drops of Clarifying Day Oil then.

I’ve made a conscious decision to really care for my hands, feet and nails, so I’m now in a habit of applying Hydrating Foot Cream before I put my shoes/boots on in the morning, love the wake-up aroma of it, and because St. John’s wort (famous for having it’s full powers at the summer solstice) is a key ingredient, it feels like I’m bringing summer light to my feet tucked away in their dark place, and the horse chestnut helps support blood circulation.

I’m applying Hydrating Hand Cream or Regenerating Hand Cream before and after work, I have both on my desk, handy.

A bottle of Neem Nail & Cuticle Oil now sits in my beside table drawer, so I’ve been applying to my finger and toe nails and massaging in just before bed.

I fancy different Body Oils at different times of the year, and winter is definitely Blackthorn Toning Body Oil for me. I’m sure it feels strengthening when I’m ‘wearing’ it, plus it helps me feel more focused. Apply Body Oil on skin still a little moist from your morning shower, it will go much further, and you’re making a water/oil emulsion directly onto your skin which ensures great absorption.

I adore our Foundation, completely unbiased of course, it’s the best I’ve ever used, ingredients provide more skin care too, however, at the moment I’m loving the look of mixing a little Illuminating Fluid with my Foundation, or using Illuminating Fluid to highlight cheekbones, cupid’s bow, under brow, after powder, so it plays with the light.

As much as I thrash Lipstick 06 azalea in the warmer months, now that it’s winter I’ve gone more muted. I’m either using Lipstick 07 orphine which is matte and super long-lasting, or 03 camellia which has a lovely shine to it and feels really nourishing, both are perfect every-day shades for me. For wintery weekends my favourite duo is Lip Liner 04 mahogany and Lip Gloss 03 blackberry.

Janet, eNewsletter Editor

Sage in winter

Sage in winter

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