Travel TIPS

Road trip

Road trip

Whether a road trip, train or air travel, our TIPS will ensure your journey is more enjoyable, comfortable and organised, and we'll protect your skin, lips, hands, nails and cuticles. Plus 3 quick and easy steps to refresh and revive on arrival.

Decant some Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic into a small reusable spray bottle, such as an old Facial Toner 30ml bottle, to invigorate and refresh for long periods of sitting. Rosemary and Borage aid circulation and provide a vitalising aroma upon application. Love this product, it’s such a pick-me-up!

Save weight and space with travel/trial size products available in 5ml, 10ml and limited edition 30ml special sizes. Dr. Hauschka Kits are ideal too. Our pick for travel is Trial Kit Favourites.

TIP: Always save your Facial Toner 10ml or 30ml or any 10ml glass product boxes and inserts for ongoing travel protection.

Air travel - protect against dehydration

Air travel - protect against dehydration

Pre-air travel

1) Liberally apply Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil after your shower in preparation for flying. Moor, a specially prepared peat extract, has a grounding energy and protective nature about it, and Lavender helps with relaxation. We highly recommend this Body Oil for pre-air travel.

2) Ensure you’ve been generous with your application of your favourite moisturiser for protect against dryness and dehydration. Alternatively use a generous application of Hydrating Cream Mask 5ml instead of your usual moisturiser. It’s super effective, nourishing and protective against the dehydrating effects of the cabin. Rose Day Cream is nourishing and protective and Tinted Day Cream is rich enough for the rigours of air travel and helps to even skin tone.

During travel

Remember to close your eyes and mist your skin from time to time with Facial Toner 10ml or 30ml to hydrate and refresh. It’s fine to use over our make-up as well.

TIP: Drink plenty of water!

Other must-haves

1) A reliable pen, for form filling and crosswords/sudoku should you need a change from screen time.

2) A library of podcasts, movies, TV shows on your device. I’m a fan of my paperwhite e-reader with a robust library of guaranteed good reads. Super-long battery life and no glare reading.

3) Ear plugs.

4) A scarf.

5) A good sized make-up bag and/or carry-on toilette bag.

6) Lip Care Stick, there’s a full size one included in Trial Kit Favourites, or Lip Balm, and apply regularly.

7) Hand Cream, there’s a Hydrating Hand Cream 10ml included in Trial Kit Favourites, and apply regularly. Use Neem Nail & Cuticle Pen for quick and easy application.

8) Our limited edition Essential Cleansing Travel Set RRP $59 value $90. Contents: Cleansing Cream 30ml, Soothing Cleansing Milk 30ml, Facial Toner 30ml PLUS YOUR FREE GIFTS perfect size Organic Cotton Make-up Bag and Lip Gloss 04 goji 3ml mini.

Post travel

1) First priority is a shower! Shower Cream’s revitalising Lemon and Lemongrass aroma will have you feeling clean and refreshed.

TIP: Decant Shower Cream or Body Washes into a smaller bottle for travel if you wish.

2) Second priority is a deep facial cleanse. Compress and hydrate your skin with a little Rose Nurturing Bath Essence 10ml in the basin or if you need help to sleep use Moor Lavender Bath Essence 10ml and a thick face flannel. Cleanse once with Soothing Cleansing Milk 30ml special size and then a secondary deep cleanse with Cleansing Cream 30ml special size.

3) Take 20 minutes feet up time and rejuvenate your skin with an application of Revitalising Mask 5ml and saturate a cotton pad with the contents of one ampoule of Eye Revive, split the pad into two and place over closed eyes to really refresh and soothe irritated and dehydrated eyes.

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