How to create the Dr. Hauschka Make-up Looks

Purple Lady.JPG

Whether subtle and fresh or expressive an modern: with Dr. Hauschka Make-up you can create a wide range of looks. Draw inspiration from our examples.

colour care.JPG

Colourful Care

Bright, colourful and confident. A step-by-step guide for a look that lets eyes and lips shine with radiant care.

big eyes.JPG

Big Sensation

Expressive, modern and creative.
Your step-by-step guide to a dramatic, colourful look for the evening.

effortless beauty.JPG

Effortless Beauty

Delicate, balanced and fresh.
Your step-by-step guide to a simple look for any occasion.

pure elegance.JPG

Pure Elegance

Elegant, timeless and cared for.
Your step-by-step guide to a sophisticated everyday look.

mysterious eyes.JPG

Mysterious Eyes

Intense, expressive and secretive.
Your step-by-step guide to a look that highlights the eyes.

your nude.JPG

Your Nude

Pure, refined and harmonious.
Your step-by-step guide to a look that’s authentic, natural and fresh.

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