We do not use the term ‘skin types’ as every person is different: Find your at home skin care plan

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You and your skin cannot be rigidly pigeon-holed.
You need the right care concepts for different days and places, different seasons and different stages of life.
At Dr.Hauschka, we therefore refer to skin conditions, which appear and disappear, rather than fixed skin types.

Find the perfect skin care regime for your skin condition

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Your Skin Care Plans for at Home

We have developed at-home skin care regimes for your face and body that are carefully tailored to different skin conditions. Are you unsure of your current skin condition? We offer you three ways to find it:

Consult a Dr. Hauschka esthetician, who will use her experience to assist you.

Simply read the skin condition descriptions.

Daytime skincare regime

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Night time skin care regime

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