Liquid Eyeliner TIPS and TRICKS

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From subtle to dramatic

Liquid Eyeliner is a timeless make-up classic for creating elegant and expressive looks. Discover the many different ways of accentuating your eyes. From bold, clear lines to artistically sweeping shapes and accents – Dr. Hauschka Liquid Eyeliner invites you to rediscover yourself.

Available in both black and brown, its new formulation makes it more simple to use, offering long-lasting results and is harmoniously tailored to Dr. Hauschka Mascaras. The colour is easy to apply with great precision thanks to the fine brush applicator.

Liquid Eyeliner highlights the uniqueness of your eyes like no other!

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TIP: A very fine line with Liquid Eyeliner, as close as possible to your upper lashes gives the impression of a bolder lash line rather than an eyeliner as such. Tightline as well with Eye Definer 01 black for even more impact.

The formulation with mineral pigments and medicinal plant extracts, especially of eyebright, black tea and neem, soothes the sensitive area around the eyes. Liquid Eyeliner is Ophthalmologically tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.

From Karim Sattar, Dr. Hauschka International Make-up Artist

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  • To give the Liquid Eyeliner optimum hold, apply Dr. Hauschka Compact Powder or Eyeshadow to the lid first as a light base coat.

  • Avoid sweeping the Liquid Eyeliner downwards at the outer corner of the eye to prevent sad-looking eyes.

  • As a basic rule: the point above the pupil is the widest part of the lid line and can be applied more boldly as desired.

  • Work along the very edge of the lash line to prevent a gap from appearing between the lid line and the lash line.

  • The technique of dabbing and then tracing is the ideal way for beginners in particular to achieve the perfect lid line.

  • To apply colour in a targeted manner you can pull the skin slightly tight if necessary. Do not pull it too tight though as this changes the line during application.

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