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11th February 2019

Interview with Jen Aniston

You always look so put together yet effortless, what products are always in your beauty bag?

'I like to have my favourite Lip Balm by Dr. Hauschka..'

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My Weekly Preview Sunshine Coast

1st February 2019

Christie Brinkley's age-defying attitude

US model Christie Brinkley doesn't look anything like her 64 years. She is open about having had work done, but only a few minor tweaks to enhance her look. Her makeup is always flattering and she religiously takes care of her skin. One product she loves is Dr. Hauschka's Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin from Wholehealth Pharmacy and Healthfoods Maroochydore.


KMR Beaute - Look, Think & Feel Better.

On top of my personal passion for cosmetic product formulations, I am privy to some insider info via the marketing calendars from business partners at my place of work and revitalisation #GaslightBeauty. I have total respect for launch dates and today is such for Dr. Hauschka Australia and their two-phase premium quality, certified natural, Eye Makeup Remover


It is a BIG deal because there aren't that many natural products that can remove waterproof mascara (although I suggest avoiding waterproof mascara as there is not a lot that is 'natural' with this formula. For your eye's sake) without leaving a greasy residue or worse still, having to use it a couple of times to remove it which pulls on the delicate skin around your eyes. Don't get me wrong, a few out there are amazing, a few, more options are better, this is better, much better.

I got a sample, big deal? Yes it is when a little is all that you need to see it work. Besides the (see the photo in my comments below) 1 litre bottle that I have at work...! Just kidding, but I hope you like my disPLAY.

KMR works it at Gaslight Pharmacy Rose Bay & The Gaslight Beauty Clinic - KMR Beaute blog

Nature & Health Magazine

January 2019

Summer bummer: Heat rash
Uh oh, you’ve got that prickly, uncomfortable sensation and and next thing you know, your skin is covered in unsightly red blotches. Take cool showers and avoid heavy body lotions, strong fragrances and sulphate cleansers, which all increase irritation. The herb calendula is a time-honoured treatment for redness and inflammation. Make a cooling all-over spritz by steeping dried or fresh flower heads in boiling water for 30 minutes, then pouring into a spray bottle and refrigerating before applying liberally. Try: Dr. Hauschka After Sun $32