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Natural cosmetics with a difference.

Our brand is much more than a chic logo – it denotes our cosmos. Our selected medicinal plants are certified organic and help the skin to help itself and to regenerate. We respect our inner beauty just as much as our outer beauty. We are obsessed with quality and have been manufacturing on the same Swabian site for over 50 years, using methods that are still largely manual. In a company that is a Foundation and has no need to think about shareholders. It needs only to respect itself, civil society and the natural environment.






Does night time facial care have to be oily? Our products let the skin breathe. You think that men need their own skin care range? We focus on the skin condition rather than gender.

What is important to us? Good contacts with farmers in Ethiopia, natural rhythms, inner beauty and our preference for composing cosmetics. How do we produce our premium cosmetics out of this?

We have been making products from nature since 1935. WALA Heilmittel GmbH was founded to develop WALA medicines. Our company founder Dr. Rudolf Hauschka had a penchant for rhythms.